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introduction of Acct. Blocked

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1introduction of Acct. Blocked Empty introduction of Acct. Blocked on Fri May 08, 2015 5:38 am

Yo ! just made my FA lvl 190 cheers IGN : LordJunefer , May 7 Evening didn't know exactly the time , not aware of the time, but at 1am or maybe 2am , and i just wondering , why did you deactivate my account ? no Warnings , no Signs at all , my GM said [ Testament ] Percy : d ka ma baban if d ka nag che cheat , affraid

how ? and why ? i just recently discover your Server .. you should told me sooner kung ano kasalanan ko Question
hirap naman pag ganito , i was planning to invest more time and money to this server , i love the theme ( Play to Win ) ,
pero , haha Very Happy , anyway if thats the way how you welcome Noobs , thats not funny lol! ,anyway i accept that , it just bored me .

User : Junefer26
IGN : LordJunefer

ps. still waiting , Twisted Evil

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